Magic is a general term given to controlling and manipulating the magical energies that course through Illantum. In general, magic functions exactly as it does in the PHB. Any exceptions can be found below, followed by lore and more detailed descriptions.

A note on Divine Magic

Not every priest is a spell slinging incarnation of their deities ideals. In fact, very few are granted the privilege of commanding the divine power of their patron goddess. These few men and women who have attracted the attention of the divine are classified as clerics or paladins.

The following notes are not applicable to the casting of divine magic.

Spell focus and material components

Arcane casters are required access to components to complete their spells. The nature of these components are as follows:

Sehimu Thinara; hidden knowledge. This is the language of Illantum itself. The utterance of these words makes the land listen in anticipation, ready to leap to your command.

Symbolic gesticulation directs the energies called into existence by your will, and provides a catalyst for the manifestation of your spell.

Here is where we vary from the PHB. On Illantum, the only way to direct the arcane energy that surges unseen around you is through the use of Sartite. Specifically, you require a gem of at least 10 facets, of the color red, green, blue, or yellow. These gems are often attached to rods, book covers, staves, ect.

Should you require a material component worth a specific amount of money, replace that component with a gem worth that amount of money (base value). If the component is consumed in the process, the gem shatters.


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