The Pillars of Creation *notes*

Notes from the discussion with Degan, angelic agent of the Beryl-

In the beginning, C’iel made the world.

C’iel gave form to 5 beings known as the Pillars of Creation. These demi-gods shaped the sarian races- Kitigon the Minds Flame, Vedar the Wind of Fate, Zadok the Formless, Padra the Prime Foundation, and, supreme among them, Gyin the Beloved of Light.

From their hands came the sarikitig, the sarizad, the saripadez, the sarivedaz, and the gyinatay.

Gaira the Devourer came then, and the Beryl were born to combat his agents; the Shajad.
The beryl were formed of elements held dear by C’iel- salvation, hope, and life. The shajad were born of chaos, arrogance and death.

One shajad stood apart, feared by his brothers. For Gaira and his agents are parasites; should they kill their host, they too will die. But Gaira’s hunger knows no bounds, and the insatiable aspect of himself was manifest in the shajad Zemial

Zemial’s sole desire is to end all existance, including his own. Afraid, the Shajad betrayed Zemial to the Beryl, who defeated him and set the Pillars of Creation to fashion and guard his prison.

The Pillars did this, and their tasks are now two-fold; They govern the souls of their children, sheltering them from harm until it is time to return them to a new mortal form. Secondly, they maintain the statis plane that holds Zemial back from this world.

Four thousand years ago, an unknown assassin murdered Gyin, Beloved of Light. The souls of the Gyinatay were scattered across Illantum, and they could no longer return to life. (Rafael and Mikael colaborate to create human forms and give them life on rare occasions, taking a personal hand in the pregnancies of humans and mixed sari rlations.)

It is unknown who killed Gyin, but it can be assumed that the Shajad seek to set their brother free once more, and to bring about the end times.

This cannot be permitted. The resurgence of darkness that has happened this day can only be taken as a sign of returned strength by the shajad.



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