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There exists in the world of Illantum a mineral called Sartite. It runs through the earth in crystalline arteries, pulsing with arcane light and delivering energy from the planets core out to its surface.

Its mined form serves as a potent catalyst for spellcasters and masters of eldritch power. It is this inherent value that makes it a suitable currency.

When a Sartite vein is discovered, it’s color is noted. There are five known hues of Sartite; white, red, yellow, green, and blue. Each is attuned to a specific element (except white), and is valued highly by the Sari related to that element.

White is a special case. Though it looks beautiful, and glows with an inner luminescence, it is almost useless for spellcasting and is quite common compared to the others. White is most commonly used for currency.

Unit values

When Sartite is mined, it breaks into geometrical shapes that fit together in a vein like an intricate puzzle. Various shapes are considered more valuable than others; The more sides or facets the crystal has, the more valuable.

These gems are encased in a thick glass marble about the size of a persons thumb. Each of these marbles represents a single unit of currency.

Shard (CP)
A sliver of Sartite in a rounded, teardrop shape.

Thik (SP)
A 4 sided crystal. (Tetrahedron)

Zok (GP)
A six sided crystal. (cube)

Iri (PP)
An eight sided crystal. (Octohedron)

Larger denominations and exchange rates

As mentioned, there are several colors of Sartite. While white is the most common, it is also the least valuable. There are no recorded incidents of white sartite crystals larger than 8 sided, and there are no instances of other hues smaller than 10 sided.
The base value of a colored gem is determined by its facets. Each facet the gem has increases the value by 10 Zok. For example, a ten sided gem would be work 100 zok base.

Exchanging these gems for white sartite is a common practice. the value of a gem is modified by the region you are selling it in-

Color Initha Scapha Atgoya Zowa
Red x2 x0.5 x1 x1
Green x0.5 x2 x1 x1
Yellow x1 x1 x2 x0.5
Blue x1 x1 x0.5 x2

Currency of Illatum

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